Biometric Time Attendance System

Organizations of all sizes use Time and attendance systems to record when employees start and stop work, and the department where the work is performed.

Time and attendance systems are usually IT based systems that provide companies with the capability to collect employee data regarding working patterns. The system stores the data recorded and produces a range of management reports.

These reports can be used to produce project or work plans allowing you to evaluate your current staffing requirements. You can then allocate the relevant number of staff required for your projects.

Time and attendance systems will also provide your payroll department with exact hours employees have worked ensuring that they are paid the correct amount

There are various time and attendance system options available to you depending on the requirements of your business.

Proximity Device: This could be a card, a badges or key rings that register a time when waved in front of or near a reader.

Biometrics: In certain facilities it may be crucial that only specific people are given permission to enter an establishment or particular areas. Biometrics can use finger prints, hand prints, iris or retina recognition, ensuring that only authorised employees can enter. (Swipe Cards or Proximity Devices don’t have this level of security and can be used by anyone).

Facial Recognition: These systems use various face measurement to identify the person. Some of the measurements used might include the distance between eyes, width of nose and mouth.